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Samhain ~ All Hallows Eve ~ October 31st

Hand-poured with care using eco-friendly, coconut-soy wax and repurposed wooden wicks from discarded fruit trees that crackle while you burn them, like a tiny bon fire. Our candles feature natural fragrance oils, free from harsh chemicals, to enhance your sacred space with a gentle yet tantalizing aroma.

  • Crystal ~ Obsidian
  • Botanical ~ Hawthorn
  • Scent ~ Cardamom


Coconut and soy wax blend, wooden wicks, cold-rolled steel wick clips, natural fragrance oils, regeneratively harvest botanicals, sustainably sourced gemstones, 16 oz glass jar

To ensure your natural wooden wick burns clean, and all the way to the bottom, follow these simple care instructions or watch our Instagram video on caring for wooden wicks.

Keep the wick trimmed to ¼ inch. You can do this by knocking off the burnt tip of the wick ,when it is not lit, using a butter knife.

When the wick gets low, rotate the jar when lighting to ensure all sides of the wick are lit.

Wooden Wick ~ Made from discarded fruit trees that have been repurposed. This means no trees were unnecessarily harvested just to make these wicks.

Natural Fragrance Oils ~ Cruelty free, Vegan and free of harsh chemicals, parabens and phthalates.

Regeneratively Harvested Botanicals ~ These botanicals were either collected from the forest floor or were not suitable for making skincare and were used as candle toppers instead.

Don’t allow the candle to burn for more than 4 hours

Extinguish the candle by snuffing out the flame. It is a cleaner way to extinguish the flame. Blowing a candle out also blows away the magic and cuts off your connection to the fire element and the Divine.

As we are using natural products they will eventually decompose. Please enjoy your ritual candle instead of saving it to burn years from now.


-Dina, Lo de Marcos, Mexico

I just want to share these magical products with everyone and help support this incredible company. Everything about O Apothecary is aligned with my values on how a business should operate.

-Sarah, Nelson, Canada

I use O Apothecary candles in my group sound immersions to set and intentional space. I love the crackle with the wick… it’s like sitting fire side.

-Danya, Uculete, Canada

I have been over the moon with the after-sun lotion and face oil. As someone who is constantly exposed to the elements in their work and play my skin was feeling the side effects. These two products helped restore, soothe and brighten my skin!

-Carly, Nelson, Canada

My heart is blown away by the elegance and scent of your products. Just divine.


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