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Because our ingredients are all natural and organic with the use of little preservatives, our products will eventually break down. That's why we invest in proper packaging to prolong the life of the product, bottling in Violet, Biophotonic Glass.

Violet glass jars protect, prolong and enhance natural products by filtering the sun's rays perfectly, allowing the beneficial ultraviolet and infrared light in, while keeping the harmful harsh sunlight rays out.

Biophotons are invisible light particles generated by almost all living cells. Our biophotonic glass protects the biophotonic activity of natural products. Preventing the loss of biophotons, withholding their natural goodness, and making preservatives unnecessary. This is no small thing, since many products with preservatives have no bioenergetic value whatsoever. And therefore, are of no value to you or your body at all. Biophotonic glass acts as a natural barrier for energy stored within the product itself by keeping it all inside. This prolongs the natural quality of the product.

Currently we only refill jars if you are in the Nelson area, please contact us for refills.